Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sigmar's Blood (15) The Hidden Necropolis

Well this didn't go great.

Once more we convened to a lovely table with all the models present and correct.

However the game itself was not one of the best.
The scenario is very poor and seems not to have been playtested.
The vampires are all ethereal, so can only be harmed by magic, but have no magic of their own. And the Empire have a Lvl 4 and the Lazer Gun chariot (Luminark).
I think the idea is that you should have a kind of "cat and mouse" chase around the buildings, but essentially strong winds of magic made it relatively easy for the Wizard and big laser to blow apart the vampire force in short order.

 The Ethereals

 Empire defenders (including converted Luminark)

 Whispering Nell and the Neverending Cairn Wraith break cover

 The wizard heads for the tower

The third or fourth version of the Cairn Wraith hacks feebly at the Luminark

We had time to reset and swap sides, but were so disillusioned with the game we didn't bother.

A real shame, as the forces we've collected look great and are a bit esoteric, but the actual games (apart from the first) don't live up to it.
A more linear expansion of the forces, with fewer special rules (my force consisted of eight models, all with special rules, and two with special rules that varied from the special rules for the models as printed in the VC army book!) and magic levels added in more gradually would make, for a better campaign experience I reckon. As it is, game one feels like a good intro scenario, game two is a good scenario, hampered by the steep learning curve and unbalancing nature of powerful special characters attached to relatively small forces. While game three is a poor scenario with too many complex rules on only a small number of models.
We're going to play game four, just because we've collected and painted everything, but we're not feeling the love, really.
As my chum said,he writes better rules, and I write better fluff, so why are we shelling out £20 each for this?

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