Friday, 25 April 2014

Swindon Soldiering (4)

Last night, to the delicate background noise of Swindon's dodgiest nightclub thumping away not far from my hotel, I did a little more work on these.
Despite the Stygian gloom of my room's lights I decided to tackle the white. In the cold hash natural light of a grizzly Swindon morning they look OK.

A bit of fettling to do over the weekend and these will be finished I reckon.
Not a bad return for a few nights away.


  1. A successful few nights work I would say

  2. Excellent paint job, love this white!

  3. Better with every post! Are you going to do the shields?

  4. Thanks chaps.
    Taking a few soldiers along is definitely a productive use of tedious nights in boring hotels.
    I'll do the shields eventually. Maybe all 40 at once when the horde is completed.