Sunday 13 April 2014

Salute Loot

So what did I get?
(Sorry for the poor quality pictures, only had the iPhone to hand)
Here's the big picture

Plenty of resin, some paint a magazine and a big mystery box.

Ane here's the detail

The new WSS. Probably my favourite of the wargames mags. I wasn't going to buy this, figuring I'd pick it up at WH Smiths later in the week, but I found myself with a fiver unspent at the end of the day...

Some Coat D'Arms paints. I've run out of Bleached Bone and am seeing if Chestnut is the replacement for Scorched Brown (that's running out)

Some magnets to finish magnetising my Bolt Action Yanks

The inevitable MDF. A small oval base and the round ones to drop in. I've got a plan for a vignette that  I can pop the models out of to use in games.

Some coloured resin crystals...

and some resin giant mushrooms

These are for some underground WFB games we have planned.

And a Celtic cross for Age of Arthur

But never mind all that Tom. What's in the box?

The GB Arab plastic spearmen. Looking forward to putting these together. the painted examples in the cabinet looked great

And some Musketeer Late Romans as I'm determined to get that army finished this year.

Not a bad haul of swag.
Should keep me busy for a while.


  1. Nice haul - can you let me know where the giant mushrooms came from as I saw them and some other alien type scenery but forgot to make a note of who sold them. Thanks

  2. Very nice hail indeed! Celtic cross

  3. I got them from the nice lady at Wargames Terrain Workshop