Monday, 21 April 2014

Sigmar's Blood (16) Empire Militia

Here are the Bloody Wolves, a unit of twenty Middenheim Empire militia that I painted for the Sigmar's Blood campaign.

Pretty easy to paint up, with lots of browns and blue and white (the Middenheim state colours) to tie them together a bit. A mixture of the Mordheim sprues and a few of the old Empire multi-part infantry. Mostly armed with hammers for added Middenheim-iness
I'm quite tempted now to do a unit of state troops and use these as a detachment for them.
A few shots of individuals

 Erik "Two Hammers" Knackwurst - the champion

 Just Rolf - bearing aloft the sign from the pub where they were formed and that gives them their name - the Bloody Wolves

"Tuneless" Kurt Schwanstucker - musician

I'm not even sure militia can have a command, but what the heck - 'snot a regiment without a flag.


  1. I love the background and names you've given them. Especially the pub sign. That's genius!

  2. Thanks chaps.
    I think I nicked the pub sign idea from somewhere, but can't remember from whom!

  3. Cool unit mate! "Tuneless" Kurt, awesome.