Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Warhammer Siege Campaign - Undermine

...and so let the name of Ruglud be entered again into the Groznog book of Grudges" intoned the scrivener before slamming the great book shut once more.
Throndin Groznog sighed deeply, adjusted his helmet and opened his mouth to speak...
"My Lord!" came a voice from the back of the hall "My Lord they're in the underway and trying to damage the foundations!"
"Bugger" muttered Groznog.

After the Dwarf messengers had been cruelly shot down just yards from escape in our last game it was time for Ruglud to send his troops beneath the walls in an attempt to weaken the Dwarf defences.
Steve, naturally, chose an all Night Goblin force (who better for a Greenskin general to send on such a mission) whilst I accelerated a bunch of Ironbreakers who've been languishing half finished since the Worlds Edge Mountains were young.

The scenario doesn't quite work with the new scenery rules (can't think why, it's only about twenty years old) so we just decided everything was impassable (as that seemed to be the intent). We also decided that the Night Goblins would be able to see and fight normally underground like the Dwarfs (the scenario lists Skaven, Dark Elves and Undead, but not NG. Which is odd). Finally the rules appear to allow Dwarfs to move 8" underground - which is just daft, so I ignored it and stuck to proper dwarf 6" movement.

 The Clan Groznog Ironbreakers. Newly painted, so bound to do well.

 Clan Dwarfs

 Spear Gobbos - easy meat for Dwarfs

 Sword goblins - yum.

Oh dear

The game began with a swift advance from the Dwarfs (once we'd decided that my miners could use their special deployment rules - they are in a mine after all). Then the goblins pushed forward equally rapidly. And all the world's fanatics came pouring forth!

 Wheeeee splaaaat...



A couple of above average rolls put a severe dent in the combat ability of the Dwarf battle-line.

Boingy, boingy!

Fortunately at this point the miners appeared. Via a handily placed entrance arch

To the rescue!

The spear goblins and the Dwarf warriors clashed together

The age old conflict

Whilst the squigs went for the (much depleted) Ironbreakers.

 Several fanatics later only two Ironbreakers remain

Boing, munch, slobber!

Fortunately Dwarf Thanes are made of stern stuff and the squigs were sent packing. 
Unfortunately their exuberant expiry saw the Ironbreaker champion bounced to death, leaving the thane on his own.
At the same time the Clan Dwarfs were routed by the spear goblins and fled into the darkness. The sword armed gobbos made off toward the Miners.

Pick axe versus spiky club. Who will win?

And the grind began

Meanwhile the spear goblins went hunting for the thane, who, to his eternal shame ran and hid behind some mushrooms.

Where is ya, Stunty Thane...?

The fight between the Miners and Sword gobbos was evenly balanced, and soon the Dwarfs were down to seven bodies...

Hi-ho-hi-ho, it's killing goblins we go...

But superior numbers began to tell and a high leadership roll saw the stout miners flee into the darkness too.
And with that it was all over with a win for the goblins meaning the walls of the Groznog fortress will be undermined!

You can read the greenskin version of events over on Steve's blog

Deep in the darkness Thane Rikchie of the Groznog clan heard the whooping of the goblins and the unmistakable sounds of support beams being wrenched down and generations-old foundation stones gleefully prized apart.
The shame burned him like furnace.
He knew what he must do and, humming the mournful clan death song to himself, he took out his knife and began to shave his head....

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