Friday, 22 April 2016

Sudanese sidetrack (2)

Eight more Beja.
Took longer to glue 'em together than paint 'em.
Spray with Halfords Matt Brown Camo, then block out the clothes with Deneb Stone and the various metals, spearshafts and hair in appropriate clours.

Struggling to get decent pictures at the moment - they really aren't this "murky" in R/L

This time I used Devlan Mud as the wash. I think it does the skin better, but the clothes less well than the Coat D'Arms wash. Trying to avoid using multiple washes on these though, to speed things up.
Might try Gryphonne Sepia on the next batch. I'm intending to mix them all together in units, so the varied washes will result in a varied unit.

If I bash out another 16 and use the NWF British as opponents I can have a go at the Sword and the Flame basic scenario.
Just like Phil has done over on his excellent Warcabinet


  1. Great job, I remember a lot of swearing, cursing and small limbs flying across the dining room table when I was putting mine together!

  2. Nice. I have some of these...should follow your speedy method!