Friday 15 April 2016

Warhammer Siege Campaign - Starve Out

As the noose begins to tighten around the Groznog hold in the Grey Mountains outlying clans rally round and attempt to break the greenskin blockade to bring supplies to the beleaguered defenders.
Not that they'll get any thanks for it.

Stephen and I reconvened for the next stage of the siege campaign.
I would be attempting to get a wagon off the far edge of the board and the greenskins would be attempting to prevent that outcome.

I was imagining the supplies would include some good strong Dwarf ale, so I painted up some Bugman's Dwarf rangers for the game. I did also do Bugman himself, but he seemed a bit much for a 500 point game.
I also took a small unit of Clan Dwarfs and a small unit of Longbeards. In place of a cart I used some highland cows - just the sort of thing for a Dwarf feast.

The Orcs had originally understood they would only get 500 points as well, but on re-reading the scenario we realised they should have 650. So some reshuffling was in order. The initial proposal was for a unit of Black Orcs - which made my face go all sad. So the alternative was Savage Orcs. I'm not sure that was a win for me.

 Rangers lead the way

 The caravan moves off

 Speed bump...


The battle began with the Dwarf battle-line rumbling forward, except for Bugman's lads who elected to fire. But Savage Orc toughness saw them through the hail of bolts.

Greenskin animosity then saw the Savage Orcs hurtle forward - exactly what I didn't need.

Figuring it was better to charge than be charged (or possibly fanaticed) I launched the Longbeards at the Savage Orcs whilst the rest of the force advanced.

Not half as tough as Savge Orcs used t'be

Sadly Savage Orcs are proper frisky and ten Longbeards isn't very many, so they broke and fled and the Orcs surged into the clans dwarfs.



By this time the Night Goblin archers had begun to squabble. But as we are still remembering animosity from several editions ago they just stood around arguing when probably they should have declared a charge.

The Orcs repeated their work on the clan dwarfs and pursued them past the cows (and out of the ranger's charge arc).

We can do 'em this time lads

The spear goblins unleashed a fanatic who killed a single dwarf and then span off toward the back.

Ignoring the spear goblins Bugman's lads marched off toward the exit with the cattle in close pursuit whilst the warriors rallied

The Savage Orcs were forced to charge the clan dwarfs again, with the same result whilst the spear goblins reformed.

Bugman's scouts turned to face the goblins, hoping to buy time for the cows to escape.

 Just hold 'em here

Get a mooooo-ve on!

The Night Goblin spears charged into the scouts and though beaten by the doughty Dwarfs they held their ground.
The Savage Orcs were now free to return to the fray

This'll be easy lads

In the Dwarf turn the cows trotted on and the Scouts were once again unable to defeat the spear goblins.

At this point the Savage Orcs failed an animosity test and were able to race up the road and charge into the corner of the combat.

Hmmm, it might just have got a bit harder...

Bravely the thane strode out to meet the savage orc boss and blows rained down on both sides. Sadly for the Dwarfs the stone axe bit home and another grudge was entered into the Bugman ledger.


With the loss of their leader Dwarf resistance finally crumbled, the greenskins were able to wipe out the scouts and a roaring savage orcs fell upon the poor defenceless cattle.

Another poor heifer takes the full brunt of on Orc chopper in the rear

High on the walls of Fortress Groznog Snurti Longsight took the telescope from his one good eye and slowly folder the brass device away.
"Cancel the barbecue lads" he muttered.

BTW if you're enjoying 5th edition Siege played with 8th edition rules go and check out the Wargames and Stuff blog.
He's doing the same thing. Good man.

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