Saturday, 30 April 2016

Sudanese sidetrack (3)

More tribesmen.
8 Beja
(still struggling to get non-murky images of these)

and 8 Ansar

This picture's come out better I think.

This time half were washed in Gryphonne Sepia and half in Coat D'Arms. Think I prefer the CDA overall, but happy with the variation the different washes are giving me.
So that gives me 40 in total I reckon. Enough for a TSaTF game and in good shape for the publication of TMWWBK later in the year.
I've started getting some command together now.
I'm going to use the NWF British models I've already painted (they'll be freshly arrived from India in my version of events) and so now I just need to finish off some Perry Highlanders (3rd Foot and Mouth, naturally) to join Private Crank.


  1. I do like your beja...Very nicely done.

    1. Thanks. They are also very simply done - which explains the burst of productivity!

  2. Lovely! Try a non-white background for less murkiness. I use pale blue or black.

    1. Thanks.
      They were taken against a graduated blue background. I think it's user error and an impenetrable manual that are to blame :)