Thursday, 21 April 2016

Warhammer Siege Campaign - Sally Forth

Throndin Groznog slumped further onto the iron hard Throne of Groznog and pulled his belt one notch tighter. He'd been looking forward to some roasted beef and a gallon or so of Bugman's Best.
Footsteps approaching across the hall snapped him from his reverie.
"Stand up Snurti Longsight" he gruffly ordered the Dwarf kneeling at the foot of his throne "What news?"
"They've started building some kind of big thrower my Lord. 'Appen it'll be quite powerful if'n they get it finished. Throw a big rock straight ovver oor walls I reckon"
The Lord's brows knitted together and he smiled grimly.
"Well we'll not be allowing any of that nonsense now, can us?" Abruptly he stood up "Get the lads ready, time we stopped hiding in here like wusses!" he bellowed.

The Starve Out game took less than an hour, so we had plenty of time to set up and go again with a different scenario. Technically there's a mechanism for rolling to see if the campaign ends and there are some slightly dull not game benefits you can rack up, but I think we've decided to just play most, if not all, the scenarios and then finish with a really big game of siege.

So for this one I had 1,000 points against a similar quantity of greenskins. The Dwarfs have to get across the table and sabotage a big Orc war engine. And the Orcs have to stop them. The original scenario has a turn limit of five turns, and assumes you'll have a mostly cavalry force. At first we thought this meant the Dwarfs would never do it, but I suggested we just play without the turn limit and see if the Dwarfs could make it despite the odds.

 Eager for a proper fight the Dwarfs head for the gate

 The gates of fortress Groznog swing open

 Red capped gobbos await

And some boar boys. Bugger.

The Dwarfs began by shooting quite a lot. Crossbowmen and rangers on the walls took aim at the savage orcs and Ruglud's lads whilst the Stone Thrower targeted the Savage Orcs. None of which was terribly effective.

 A single fanatic is unleashed - to little effect.

The Groznog longbeards sally about a bit

The savage orcs moo-ve in for some more cow based frolics

In short order the battle lines clashed.

 Eat axe, Grobi scum!

 Longbeards v Savage Orcs. Again

Chop, hack, crunch!

At around this point the hitherto triumphant Orcs and Goblins discovered that big, ranked up units of Dwarfs are a tougher nut to crack....
The Longbeards went through the Savages like a horde of short, grumbling northern psychopaths through some ineffective green things. And the clan dwarfs saw off the night goblins.
At some point Rugluds lads failed animosity and moved, so lost a turn of shooting and the Bolt Thrower was reliably hopeless.

Flushed with success the Clan Dwarfs raced towrd the objective.
Pursued by Orcs on pigs.
Before the stout Dwarfs could dismantle the warmachine, the boarboys were on them!
However in a susrprising turn of events the Dwarfs held and at the second attempt succeded in destroying the war machine!



Huzzah! Victory for Clan Groznog!
Turns out we needn't have worried about the turn length thing at all. 8th edition charges and pursuit mean even stunty legs can cover quite a lot of ground in a short space of time...


  1. Nice looking battle ........must ge my warhammer out sometime soon.

    1. *euphamism klaxon!*

      Thanks Matt

  2. It was a great battle, I got ta get my report done! We playing Wednesday?

  3. Very cool. I'm enjoying how this series of game reports immensely. (It also made me chuckle that Tango01 posted this to TMP despite his special mention in your blog description. Jeez. )

  4. Good stuff! I loved seeing the newer Mighty Fortress. New to me anyway as I have the old styro version.