Sunday, 31 May 2015

Partizan 2015

Stephen and I, accompanied by a small and sulky child, made the trip to Partizan today. I had a mental shopping list that I then forgot once I arrived. Ho hum.

We played a game of Frostgrave, which was light-hearted fun. The small boy thrashed me (apparently kids have been beating dads in all the demo games). I think Steve and I will be jumping on the Nickstarter for this one. Although I'm no big fan of Bob Naismith's sculpting style for historical miniatures - I find them too cartoonish - I think the henchmen plastics he's done fit the feel of this game very well. I also like wizard models in the main and the book looks splendid. Small boy wants to play some more, so I think a level three on the Nickstarter might be the way to go.

One thing that was noticeable about Partizan was the absence of participation games. Small boy really just wants to roll some dice and take part, but it was very demo game heavy. He loved Hammerhead (which is all participation) but was bored rigid at Partizan. I'm not saying either format is better, but the difference was noticeable and his engagement levels massively different.

We did spend some time admiring top chums James' and Scrivs' lovely Verdun game.
It looked splendid and they were having a grand time playing it. I have mixed feelings about their WW1 escapade, which I explained to James and I'll elaborate on in a future post I think.

 "Let it explode, let it exploooode"

 Huns at the trot

I purchased a couple of blisters of the Curteys resin Dark Age casualty markers - I'd wanted them since Scrivs showed me them on the way back from Salute and a book on Oppy Wood - in an attempt to reconcile my conflicts around WW1 gaming.

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  1. Thanks for sharing will be watching the fuss over frost grave before deciding whether to drive in. Like the look of the causality markers.