Sunday 10 May 2015

More Scenery

A change of job and a lack of inspiration means I've not been able to get my painting mojo on these last few weeks.
However I have managed to crank out a few more bits of terrain.

First some jungle bases, for if I ever get my Darkest Africa plans in shape. Or just for use in games of 40K with the kids

The bases are MDF from Warbases and I'm not worried about the edges as they're going to slot into some of the 4 Ground Wood bases. The "bushes" are aquarium plants that GW repackaged years ago for the Lustria campaign.

Then a resin rocky piece from TSS

On a desert style base for either 40K or for some El Cid games.

And finally a couple of plastic pieces from the old LotR game

Again on desert to do duty in either the grim darkness of the far future, or the grim darkness of early medieval Spain.


  1. A nice selection of great looking terrain pieces!

  2. If in doubt, terrain! thats what I always say.

    All looking good, like the GW ruins with the desert feel. Nice.