Friday, 22 May 2015


I ordered a couple of films over the weekend.

I have seen both of them before.
Waterloo many times on an old video, but The Man Who Would be King I think only once.

Waterloo may give an additional clue to the Mysterious New Project (tm)  I mentioned yesterday.

The Man Who Would be King is in preparation for Dan Mersey's rules of the similar name due out next year from Osprey. I've always fancied a bit of colonial nonsense and this game may be just what I need to tip me over the edge. Guitar Hero Andy has been posting some playtest battle reports over on his blog and there are some very nice figure ranges about.

However must get Mysterious New Project (tm) finished first before I buy anything else.


  1. Is the Man who would be King any good? I have it on my pile of stuff to watch.

    1. Its got Sean Connery AND Sir Michael of Caine in it.
      Of course it's good!

  2. Righto, it is on Netflix so I will get on it today