Saturday, 2 May 2015

Warhammer Campaign. Empire against Bretonnians

A month long gaming drought was ended when I finally made it over to the Palais des Jeux this week. We were continuing with the campaign over the Blighted Isle, an island riddled with villages, seemingly.

We were to play battle for the pass. The Kislevites had stayed at home, so Stephen's Dwarf sell-hammers declined to appear as well. The Bretonians placed archers on their flanks with cavalry holding the centre and a pair of trebuchets in back field. Then they all got in a huddle and prayed. then said we could go first.

I advanced the piostoliers who were shot. A lot. And ran away (what was left of them). Realising I was going to be outgunned I began a general advance. Fortunately the trebuchets were having a bit of an off day and my cannon took out a rank of knights.

 Flee for your life!

The hangunners bravely took on a unit of archers more than twice their size while the knights maneuvered for the charge.

Eventually the Bretonnians went in, but the knights and flagellants held the charge and so the grinding commenced.

Sadly at this point the trebuchets found their range, and twenty or so dead spearmen later my big flanking unit was running away.

Meanwhile the smaller unit of knights finally ground through the flagellants while the inner circle horsemen slowly chipped away at their Bretonnian counterparts.

Some pegasi knights flew down to check on my crossbowmen who,as is traditional with newly painted units, were neither use nor ornament.

I attempted to run the militia out of the knights charge arc, but failed and so they were caught in the flank and destroyed.

The inner circle knights finally reduced their opponents to just the general, but he held steady as the battle drew to a close with the pass full of frog-munchers.

Another very jolly evening.
I've still not worked out how to use pistoliers. The Jade wizard was no better or worse than the fire wizard had been. The flagellants performed surprisingly well.

Now I just need to actually paint my own flagellants, and work out another 200 points for May!


  1. Great stuff. I will try and get all the Pegasus on stands for the next game

  2. Nice barrel, good to see both sides point of view on your blogs. You'll need to figure out how to use your pistoliers, pistolliers though not as good as they used to be are still very useful.

  3. Nice report, good luck with the pistoliers. If you are playing 8th edition they became much less effective than they were in previous rules, one of those slightly annoying tweeks which would make WHFB so much better.

    1. I don't think it's the rules that are the problem. It's the chump using them.

  4. Beautiful armies (love the Pegasi!) and splendid report!