Friday, 21 November 2014

Lion Rampant Retinue (6)

So I dug out the knights and assembled a couple of horses.
But I've hit a snag of sorts.

These old Bretonnians are obviously fantasy knights (although influenced by real medieaval knights). But I really want to build a plausibly historical retinue. I can overlook the helmets with brims on the archers, but I'm in a quandry about the knights.
The horses are relatively early in their long flowing dresses (that's the technical term). However the knights themselves are in full plate, placing them rather later in the period. Also the helmets are clearly fantastical and more typical of what might have been worn for a joust than going to war.
So that's my dilemma.
My choices are
  • Ignore it all and just paint them and use them
  • Replace the helmets with Agincourt or earlier period ones (Mirliton do some)
  • Replace the helmets with later period ones (there are some WFB Empire ones that might suit , or I could see if any of my chums have spare Perry WotR ones). But this would make the horses wrong.
  •  Buy some metal riders from Front Rank.
I'm broadly thinking Agincourt era 100 years war is the retinue I'd like to build - a small raiding party chevauchéeing their way around France. If I wanted to do a WotR retinue I think I'd just go and buy two boxes of Perry plastics and be done - and probably not have any horsemen in any case.

So, any thoughts?

In the meantime I think I'll get on and paint the horses.


  1. Ignore it, paint them, and use them!!

  2. I'd be tempted to assume the horse armour was underneath the horse dressing and go for a more European feel to the retinue - French at least or further afield even. Alternatively, mix and match horses... not sure they would fit but Front Rank do riders and horses separately for 100YW and WOTR...?

  3. Ignore it, paint them and use them.