Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Lion Rampant Retinue (2)

Some more paint applied

Ready for some washes now


  1. Which army will these guys slot into? I'm interested in Lion Rampant and have a few of these figures laying around.

  2. I'll be using them as 100 years war English Archers.
    As my chum pointed out no archer would wear the brimmed helmet as it would interfere with the bowstring, but apart from that they're wearing 100 yrs war era gear.
    I'll get a unit of billmen or similar from Front Rank as they're a good match.
    Then I'll either use the plastic knights from the same set as some knights, or get some Front rank metals.
    However there's 24 of these to get painted first, s I may be some time...

  3. Thanks Tom, they are looking great.