Monday, 10 November 2014

Dark Elf Sorceress

As a change of pace I painted up this old plastic Games Workshop Dark Elf Sorceress.

She'd been on my painting table in an undercoated state for quite a while, but as we've half a plan to do a Dark Elf warband for Song of Blades and Heroes and I keep thinking I really ought to make an effort to do a Dark Elf army for Warhammer, now seemed a good time. Base needs some foliage, but I think I need to order some "blasted grass" type stuff for a proper Naggaroth effect.
Chunky by modern Dark Elf standards and a classic example of chainmail-bikini sexism, but apart from that, quite a nice model.


  1. The colors you used on this model are stunning, lovely figure!

  2. Thanks, the clothing (such as it is) and cloak were both done with Foundry triads. When they work, they work really well I think.