Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Chaos and Dark Elves - a Song of Blades and Heroes battle report

The smallest boy and I set up another game of Song of Blades and Heroes. He used his usual Chaos Warriors with a Dragon list, whereas I wanted to build a new warband around the recently painted Dark Elf sorceress. In the end I couldn't squeeze in the Witch Elf I wanted to take and settled on a hydra instead, along with two warriors, a crossbow elf and a leader to accompany the sorceress.

There were three possible treasure locations on the board, one on the central hill, one in the swamp and one in the patch of jungle undergrowth.

The Dark Elves advanced across the board, whilst the Chaos warriors surged toward the jungle, leaving the dragon to investigate the treasure on the hill. Sadly the winged lizard was unable to find the riches.

 I smell gold. Oh.

The spear elves located the cache in the swamp but before they could uncover its value they were set upon by the dragon.

 Lets just have a look under...OMFG!

The crossbow armed warrior bravely launched himself into the jungle and discovered that was the true location of the treasure.

 Mine.all mine!

Foolishly the sorceress raced ahead of the rest of the Dark Elves and was caught in the open by the Chaos warrior leader who duly hacked her down.

Thwack, thud, oof!

In an attempt to prevent the dragon dispatching both spear elves the hydra lumbered into the attack, but a powerful blow from the dragon knocked it to the ground.



Over on the left the crossbow elf was hunted down by rampaging Chaos warriors and despite his best efforts was eventually hacked to the ground.

 Kick his ears off!

Desperately the dark Elf leader raced toward the Chaos threat to try to retrieve the treasure but was met by a lone chaos warrior.

 Lets DO THIS!

Meanwhile the hydra hauled itself upright and lent its weight to the spearmen who managed to find a chink in the dragons scales and brought the creature crashing to earth.

 I hope we're not too late...

Held up by the first Chaos Warrior the Dark Elf leader soon found himself surrounded and was swiftly knocked to the ground. Bravely he hauled himself back to his feet, only for a final furious onslaught from the servants of the Dark Powers to leave him face down on the ground his lifeblood soaking into the dirt.

 Hit him again

 Shoe him!

With that the Chaos warrior Leader made good his escape as the last of the Dark Elves fled.

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  1. Great write up! That dragon was nasty, Spearmen AND a Hyrdra to take it down.