Thursday, 18 September 2014

War in the Underway - the climax!

Gruzzkup gazed off thoughtfully into the distance whilst stroking the shaft of his chopper.
At last, he had his enemy cornered. He'd pushed Snazzgob into the depths of the stunty hole and now he had the chance once and fer all to show all the greenskins who Mork or Gork liked bestest.
His gamble to force his way roughly up the gorge had paid off, he'd caught the enemy napping. Shame about that little runt Nubbinz, but 'dems da breaks.
Now, to war and glory for Gork. And Mork!

The final game in the Underway campaign.
Gruzzkup has tracked his foe deep into the abandoned Dwarf caverns and has bought him to battle by forcing his way up the gorge. Snazzgob and his lads were in a defensive position on a low rise, but I had the first turn and Gork (or possibly Mork) on my side. A rapid advance meant Nuibbinz and Muncha had fallen down a chasm, but apart from that my army was intact.
However as I prepared to advance ominous creaking noises came from the ceiling of the cavern. Steve and I placed our dice ("I'll be even,Steven" I duly said) and with a crack some slabs came down and crushed three boarboys to death. Ouch.
It got worse as fighting broke out between the Spider Riders and the Squigs holding up the centre of my line. However the chariots rumbled forward and the boarboys scared off the opposing spiders.

Snazzgob's spearladz

Shooty ladz

Bouncy, chewy ladz

Snazzgob cowers at the back

Da wagginz lead da way
Subtly different image

Snazzgob played cagey in response with only his boarboys advancing

Da left flank

Spearboys, no problem

Da enemy centre

My boarboys crashed into the spear block, but were held, meanwhile one of my chariots thundered into the Big 'Un boarboys, The Night Goblin block advanced to launch their fanatics toward the boarboys and the archers unleashed their fanatic toward the Savage Orc Boars

Rumble, creak, smash!

Stop squabblin'!

At this point I stopped taking pictures for a bit. Suffice to say it all started to go wrong.
The Squigs carried on squabbling and Gruzzkup and his Big Uns took a spell to the face slowing them right down
My wizard attempted Foot of Gork and got it off. The big green foot scattered away from Snazzgob's Black Orcs, before stamping down on my archers, killing all but two, before scattering again away from the Savage Orcs and then coming to a stop. Oh.
The chariots both killed a few Orcs, but not enough to really damage either unit, and so Snazzgob's Savage Orc boys were able to smash in to the Trolls. Meanwhile on the left the spearmen and the Savage Orc Boarboys made short work of my boarboys, and the resulting flight spread panic to the Night Goblin archers who ran away, never to return.
Critically at this point the Trolls were unable to hold the Savage Orcs and fled, taking the Savages away from my Big 'Uns. Snazzgob's boarboys splintered the second chariot and then made the Night Goblins flee their Terror causing banner and ran them down.
With that the game was really up. The Squigs finally munched their way through the crossbowmen and a unit of archers, but Gruzzkup and his lads were surrounded...

Gruzzkup leads da ladz on

The trap closes

Orc of da match

Gruzzkup and da boyz crush some spiders...

...and make off into the darkness

Snazzgob however, decided that discretion was the better part of Orcyness and held his boys back, fearful of the havoc Gruzzkup would visit on his men. And so the mighty Orc warlord was left to chase off some spiders, before leaving the field with his unit, if not his pride, still intact.

A bloody and painful defeat for Gruzzkup. Steve played well, learning from previous battles that hurtling forward into my Big Uns is not always the best tactic. I was a bit unlucky, if the trolls had held I'd have got into the flank of the Savage Orcs and animosity hampered my first couple of turns but was mostly simply outplayed.

I really enjoyed the Underway campaign. Nice and simple but with a bit of flavour, and the Orcs v Orcs was nicely thematic. And it finally pushed me to finish my Orc army. So a fiver well spent (by Steve). 
The Underway rules are of course now also available in the Nagash book. If you feel like paying forty five more quid to read three hundred pages of (humour free) Warhammer background.

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