Sunday, 28 September 2014


I recently picked up Lion Rampant. Partly because it's by Dan Mersey, who I've played soldiers with once before and who writes really nice rulesets - Dux Bellorum being one I'm dabbling with at the moment - and partly because Nick at Northstar had them on offer when they came out, so I was able to get them at a very reasonable fee without funding any large tax-dodging online retailers.

Anyway, I got them without any real plans. Chum Stephen has a fondness for War of the Roses, but I'm familiar enough with myself to know I'm never going to paint a proper army of medieavals, no matter how nice the Perry range is. So I thought that maybe this would inspire some skirmishing type behaviour that would scratch his Roses itch.

But then I started reading the rules, and I remembered that I had an unopened Warhammer 5th edition boxed set in my loft (a legacy of working for GW Mail Order) which contains 24 (two units in Lion Rampant terms) of quite nice and reasonably historical looking archers. Together with some rather more fantastical looking knights.

So anyway I ventured in to the loft, ripped off the cellophane and retrieved 12 of said archers. They've been glued to 2p pieces (plenty of glue on Brenda's face) along with a smattering of (unused) cat litter. The coins are all magnetic, in hope that I can eventually store and transport them in a container lined with magnetic sheet.

Just need to decide on some colours for them.

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  1. Really cool idea. The only thing I would say is that the archers wouldn't wear brimmed hats as you need to get your bow string to your ear to shot it. Just saying. But they are cool minis packed full of nostalia!