Tuesday, 30 September 2014

British Napoleonics for Song of Drums and Shakos

Somewhere on the Peninsular 1812 a selection of cut-throats, ne'er-do-wells and thugs is on the prowl, looking for Frenchies.

So here's the finished force.
A officer, a sergeant a drummer and a selection of riflemen.

They're a mixture of Perry (nice) and Victrix (not so much) 28mm plastics.
They're painted over white primer with some basic basecoats, then they've been "dipped" with Wilkinsons woodstain.
They're a bit crude and grubby (and nothing like as nice as what they'll be facing) but it's got me a small force together.
Hoping for a game of Drums and Shakos next week.


  1. Hi Tom. Nice work on those figures (and not just because I use a similar method!)

    Have you used the dips from Army Painter? I ask because I use a small tin of the medium shade and am curious about getting a comparison. The problem is that either people seem to use Army Painter or figure why spend the money when there are cheaper alternatives, so it is hard to get a true comparison. I might have to just try it myself!

    Which specific product from Wilco do you use? To be honest your results seem to be similar to mine, but I'm also interested in how it works in terms of its consistency and so on.

    Anyway, waffling on now! Interested to hear your thoughts and nice figures!


  2. Hi Chris, thanks for the feedback.
    I've not used Army Painter, so can't tell you how it compares I'm afraid, but as AP is just rebranded wood stain in any case I can't imagine it's too different.
    Main advantages for me are cost this tin was less than a fiver, and the fact that its water soluble so I can dilute to get the required consistency and then wash my brushes out in water, not thinners/turps or whatever.
    This post has more detail (and a picture of the can)
    Hope that helps,

    1. Wow, water soluble?! That I didn't expect and is a massive plus point! I'll definitely make a note to check this out. Thanks very much for your reply!