Friday, 19 September 2014

Even more fungus up the Underway

I finished off some of the fungus bases for our Underway campaign.

 Both bases together

 From another angle

 The large base

 Another angle

 The small base

Same base different 'shrooms

The bases are from 4 Ground
The 'shrooms are from Wargames Terrain Workshop
The puffball is a polystyrene ball.

The individual mushrooms can be swapped around on the bases and I have a couple more bases I could use and some ideas for other things to go on them. I'm toying with adding a few bits of clump foliage and maybe some brown static grass to represent lichen and the like, just to break up the greyness.

I've added some rocks and a few pieces of dwarf and goblin detritus, especially skulls - it's for Warhammer after all. I think I'll see if Steve has some Skaveny bits I can add to future bases.

Ideally I'd like to go on and make some underground lava/mud pools and some piles of rock/broken ground and a mineshaft and....


  1. I love this scenery, it really added to the underway campaign flavour. Of course I have Skaven bits. Fill your boots next time you are over. Oh and that Doom Diver is still on my painting station for you!