Tuesday, 16 September 2014

More Naps Dipped

Some Victrix Naps that I assembled many years ago, and have just painted in the hope of playing Song of Drums and Shakos before the year is out.
They're not as nice as the Perry ones, a bit cartoony, and they were a monstrous ball-ace to assemble - endless fiddly bits. I believe this has been addressed in recent kits - march attack and less Tamiya like assembly. They've also been in the wars a bit, a bayonet, a pom-pom and the officers sword have all snapped - a combination of more brittle plastic than Perry, less robust pieces and some rough handling too. I quite like the kneeling pose (especially for skirmishing) but the officer is oddly proportioned. I suspect I'll do a few more Perry ones before revisiting this set, if ever.
Simple block colours and dip - servicable.

The quest for correct camera set-up continues.


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  2. I like your methods and results! I share your photo challenges...

  3. I agree with Jonathan... superb style of painting.. I like the "campaign" look on the figures... marvelous!

  4. Better than serviceable, they're quite nice! I thin my dip a bit, but on the white trousers it looks quite nice thick.

  5. Thanks all.
    The dip does look a bit thick in the pictures, but it's not quite so pronounced IRL.
    Got three more (Perry) Brits to do this week and then I've got my starter force for Drums and Shakos