Monday, 4 August 2014

Warhammer Trolls

Three River Trolls

And Three Stone Trolls.

I love both of these sets of models, very different though they are. The metal Stone Trolls are iconic Citadel miniatures from the cartoony phase of Warhammer, back when Rick was still writing and jokes were allowed. Gangly, goofy and yet menacing, they're terrifically characterful.
Meanwhile the River Trolls are a masterpiece of the modern plastic sculptor's art. They go together like a dream and have a plethora of detail - the vomit (complete with fish bone) is a great touch and the various watery accessories add to the charm.

I field them in a single unit as Trolls. This irritates my regular opponent, who wants me to have either Stone Trolls or River Trolls, not both mixed together. But I quite like the contrast (almost as much as I enjoy irritating him).

I finished these up for Call to Arms.


  1. What a colorful bunch of characters! Fantastic brush work!

  2. Thanks.
    They actually look a little crude to y eye now I've seen them on the screen - but they're fine at "wargaming distance"

  3. Good work, well done!

  4. I missed these first time round for some reason. Absolutely gorgeous work mate!