Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Broke Back Rulebook

At Call to Arms one of the pages started detaching itself from my "small" Warhammer rulebook.
So I took advantage of this to finally get round to something I'd been threatening since I first got the book - I had it rebound.
Just a simple job at the local copy shop, for which i was charged the princely sum of £1.75.

Now it lies flat, opens nicely and none of the pages are falling out.


  1. Nice, which copy shop might that be?


  2. A little one man operation in Nottingham near where I live.
    I have to admit to being fairly surprised when he quoted the price. Was expecting something closer to the £5 mark I guess...
    But then it is only a cheap plastic coil affair.

  3. Nice idea. and pretty cheap too, worth checking out. Cheers