Sunday, 3 August 2014

Family Games

With a fast approaching summer holiday in Wales I thought it was time to spend some of my Games Workshop share windfall (thanks Mr Kirby) on some non GW gaming products (in your face Mr Kirby). Not that I'm expecting it to pelt down with rain incessantly for two weeks, but you can never be too careful.

First off was Forbidden Island, heartily endorsed by my infrequent SAGA opponent and father of two children of a similar age to my own. I'd been looking for some sort of co-operative game, as relaxing family boardgames can sometimes become stressful when you have two testosterone crazed competitive boys (and their testosterone crazed, competitive father) trying to WIN, or at least ensure their sibling doesn't beat them. This apparently is simple to learn but with plenty of repeat play, so we'll see how things go.

The next game is Guillotine, which I've been meaning to get hold of since we played it in the pub the night before Salute. I thought it was great at the time - hoping it'll live up to the memories now the beer has worn off.

We'll be taking Carcassone and Chaos Marauders as well.
I'll also be packing Tara, Hill of Kings, but as I've owned that for about four years now and still haven't worked out the rules, it may once again come back unplayed.

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  1. I have Forbidden Island, and am lucky enough to play it with a wide range of ages as part of my job as a teacher aide. It's a great game, quite easy to learn, and seems to start off easy. The tension quickly builds quickly, however, and while it may be cooperative it can still get heated as everyone tries to push their plan. Lots of fun though, and can be played many times. There is a follow up game called Forbidden Desert. It expands on the mechanics of FI, and is worth a look if you like this game. Happy holidays! Cheers, Paul :-)