Saturday, 30 August 2014

Warhammer Triumph and Treachery

Gruzzkup stroked his enormous chopper idly and gazed out across the plains. To his left, the clamour, smoke and smells told him that Spiggy's Night Goblin army had arrived. To his right the rank stench of decay and unwashed armour told him that the foul minions of Chaos were abroad. Good. Plenty of stuff to duff up!

On Wednesday Stevo and I journeyed to The Ilkeston Gaming Hut for the first time in ages, for a get together of the Sherwood, Hucknall and Ilkeston Team and a game of Triumph and Treachery. Before we even began the first act of deceit was wrought as Stephen turned up with filthy Chaos Warriors meaning we weren't going to get the Orc and Goblin dirty hardcore threesome action (I'm working on my SEO to drive visitors) Matt and I were expecting. Lame excuses poured forth about how he'd been painting them up and really wanted to use them, but we weren't deceived by his filthy Chaos lies.

We set up as we found ourselves, with me in the centre of one long table edge and Matt in the left hand corner and Steve in the right as I looked at it. Steve warned us before starting not to "fight a war on two fronts", but I got the first turn and did anyway.

 Matt unveils his Army Scroll(tm) 

 Matt's impressive Temple of Skulls - must finish mine off...

 Gruzzkup managed to squeeze his impressive horde into a small slot

 Foul, flatulent and pox-ridden. But he's quite good at painting.

Pesky Night Goblinzes

 Loobinz hides the ladz from sight

 Gruzzkup's Waaagh picks up steam

 Initial infighting means da little 'uns don't get to move much

 Dirty Chaos men

 More filth

 Rashly the spiders decide to charge. It doesn't end well.

 In a display of overconfidence the Hoppers charge the Knights. And win!

At around this juncture the greenskins declared an alliance. From now on the Chaos horde would be the sole object of our warmongering.
Curiously at around this time a high-pitched noise began to emanate from the end of the table. A sort of whiny, pleady, bleaty, woeful sound. Like good greenskins we ignored it and put the boot in.

 Doom Diver's eye View
 This appears to be the same picture...

 Walls. Not ideal for Fanatics

 The combined greenskins surge toward the Chaos lines

Nubinz leads da way

Around this time Stephen excused himself. Some time later Matt's daughter appeared and asked why there was a ginger haired man-child sobbing in the toilet. We carried on attacking him

A slight miscalculation leads to disaster

Night Goblins overestimating their capabilities

Gruzzkup prepares to spring the trap!

Matt's still taking his time...

In your face 100pts of Chaos Hounds


Time was ticking on, the shadows were beginning to lengthen, we'd drunk all Matt's beer, and Stephen's little bottom lip was wobbling. So I decided to attack Matt. It seemed Orcy.

In go da Boar ladz

At this point my phone ran out of charge. This is probably for the best as Steve, taking full advantage of my attack on my erstwhile ally proceeded to launch his warriors at my army whilst scattering Triumph and Treachery cards like confetti and duly wiped out my entire force. Oh.
With that the game drew to a close. Matt's army was largely intact, but a long way from the action, I had no models left and the Chaos Warriors ruled the field.

This was splendid fun. The T&T rules have a few idiosyncrasies, but mostly work very well for multi-player games. The trash talk and picking enemies adds to the fun, and we had three very nice, fully painted armies on the table. Hobby win. 


  1. Your telling of the tale is far funnier than mine! OK I was a bit whiney!

  2. Funnier possibly. Less detailed/accurate - most certainly.
    Whining's all part of the trash talk I reckon.
    And whining's for winners apparently.