Friday, 29 August 2014

Dux Bellorum Campaign

Inspired by my game of Dux Bellorum earlier in the week and an excellent article about a Fall of Rome campaign in the current Miniature Wargames (issue 377, a stand alone follow up to a biblical campaign system in MW 368) I'm going to attempt a Dux Bellorum campaign.

Here's my map of England, circa 500AD.

I followed the rules in the article (Diamonds Romans, Clubs Saxons, Hearts Irish), but in my version spades are Welsh. The picture cards are the (Roman) settlements of London, Gloucester, York and Carlisle (York looks a bit low to me).

I may try and transpose it onto a more aesthetically pleasing England/Wales shaped map/grid.

I have three options:
  1. To play the campaign elements solo, probably as an invading Saxon and use various of my regular gaming buddies as my opponents.
  2. Play the campaign as written in the article with me as a Late Roman and my regular Welsh opponent as a subordinate/rival commanding Welsh allies from Gloucester as we try and reunite the countries under a Christian banner
  3. Play as the Saxons against the Welsh as we each try to conquer the kingdom.
I'm inclined to option one, as then all anyone else has to do is turn up with an army (or I could even try solo games...) and I can manage all the campaign elements myself.

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