Monday, 14 May 2012

Vikings for SAGA (1)

Some time ago I was given a unit of the old Citadel Viking models (thanks John).
They were going to be part of my WAB army or somesuch.
Anyway they sat mouldering in the lead pile for some years until I recently dug them out to see if they'd work for SAGA. There were 22 in the box, so I figured I might just squeeze a small, hearthguard heavy, force out of them.
Here are the first four. Unfortunately they came without shields and I've not got anything suitable lying around, which may necessitate a trip to Foundry as they make some that may work. The absence of shields means I've not varnished them or finished their bases either.
I've gone for quite bright colours on them as I think it suits the models, and all that Dark Age brown can get a bit depressing. I'm imagining them as well dressed wild and crazy pirate types, raping and pillaging their way up and down the Humber.

Group shot





Perry sculpts from around 1986 I believe, though the castings are from a bit later than that.
White Dwarf Pages here and here
Interesting models to paint, a bit fussy in places (at least compared to the Musketeer ones) but very characterful and lovely sculpts. I was a bit worried about their voluminous pants, thinking they might be a bit of sculptors license, but James assures me that a Viking was judged by the size of his trouser (rich material being very expensive) and so they are apparently quite accurate.
The models also quite small (especially compared to Harald Hardrada) but they'll be great for my games of SAGA.

The next four are already on the painting bench and ready to go.


  1. Very nice.
    I may have some old round Citadel shields to suit

  2. Brilliant. A nice trip down memory lane. If only I'd thought, all those years ago, "I'll hang on to these figures in case someone makes an excellent dark ages skirmish game in the future."

    Look forward to seeing more.


  3. Great looking figures you have here. I have a few tucked away in some Impetus stands and they work well with the older Gripping Beast figures. Trim the bosses flush and any dark round would suit.


  4. Very nice work. Great colours.

  5. Nice and colourful. Those old citadel sculpts are still some of my favourite viking figures. Got quite a few in my oen collection