Monday, 21 May 2012

Heroes of the Viking Age

A couple of lovely models.
Both limited edition freebies with SAGA and it's supplement Northern Fury.
Both sculpted by Bill Thornhill of Musketeer Miniatures.
And jolly nice they are too:

First up is Mac Bethad mac Findlaích or MacBeth as he's more usually known.
Regicide, ruler, pilgrim and not the only king to be misrepresented by Shakespeare.

Second is Sweyn Forkbeard
Cnut's Dad, conqueror of England, King of Denmark and all round double hard bugger.

Lovely models to paint, full of character and look great all finished.
Do some more Bill!


  1. Very nicely done! They are great sculpts and not too large compared to their other models (unlike some of Gripping Beast's other character models)

  2. Grea job on the figures. I am really tempted to go in on some Vikings and Saxans from Gripping Beast. Would you recommend Gripping Beast, Musketeer or both?

  3. Looking very nice !!!

    Best regards Michael

  4. Thanks Gents.
    The GB and Musketeer models work very well together size wise.
    My preference is for Bill's work with Musketeer, but the GB ones are very fine too.
    I have a Late Saxon GB army which has some nice models in, an Early Saxon army which uses models from both ranges (but mainly Musketeer), GB El Cid Christain and Almoravid Armies and some WiP Musketeer Late Romans, so I clearly am a fan of both. The guys at GB are great, and the fact that they now distribute for Musketeer means any switch of allegiance is guilt free. ;)
    The GB plastics for both Saxons and Vikings are great models and good value, so for a start in the period I'd recommend a box of them. If you're going to play SAGA one box gives you a 4 point warband with models left over.
    Hope that helps,