Monday 28 May 2012

Early Saxon Casualties and Killers

Continuing the Dark Age Drive are three of the four Duguth Casualties and Killers.
Sculpted by Soapy for the mighty Gripping Beast
Great models, full of character and nice and easy to paint.
First a group shot:

First up, what I think of as the Andy Hawes model. Not because he resembles Andy, or I wish Andy to suffer a similar fate, but because of a quote in Andy's e-mail signature about the only thing better than a dead Saxon being a dying one who tells you where his mates are. This one looks like he's got a bit of killing left in him before he starts divulging the whereabouts of his chums.

Next is my favourite of the pack. A really vicious vignette that I suspect rather typifies the warfare of the era. It also puts me in mind of a scene from Rosemary Sutcliff's The Shining Company, where the Gododdin warriors capture, then summarily execute, a Saxon "spy". A key part of the coming of age journey for Prosper, the central character.
In this model however the roles are reversed and it's a Romano Brit or Welshman on the receiving end of a seax.

And finally a brave warrior taking a well aimed sling stone to the face. Lovely dynamic model this one, I especially like the way the helmet is flying off.

A great, characterful pack of models. I've based them on 2p pieces as I'll probably use them as casualty counters for Hail Caesar, or just as battlefield dressing, rather than in units.

Where's the forth model from the set I hear you ask. Well he (or rather they, it's a Saxon slitting a prisoner's throat) unfortunately suffered a minor mishap at the undercoating stage (they fell off the painting stick) and as a result have lost their place in the painting queue.

Lastly, because some people were asking, here's a couple of comparison shots with one of the Musketeer Thegns. As you can see they're a pretty good match and I think you could easily mix the two ranges.


  1. Fantastic looking painting on excellent figures.


  2. The Andy Hawes figure ... :o) ;o)

    Absolutely marvellous!!! Really like these figures. I have a variety of GB C&K packs awaiting paint so now I'm *really* looking forward to applying the brush.



  3. Superb work with ery nice figures!
    I don't know which I prefer: they are all good and dynamic ....

  4. Thanks for the comparison shot. They do seem to go together well.

    Great painting too!