Thursday, 3 May 2012

Huscarls for SAGA

1 point of Gripping Beast Dane Axe wielding Huscarls for my Anglo-Danish Saxon force for SAGA
Unfortunately one of them suffered a broken axe between varnishing and flocking (readers are invited to insert their favourite "chopper" based gag here), so they're only 3/4 as fearsome as they should be.

I'm reasonably pleased with them, though they weren't the easiest models to paint. They suffer, for me at least, in comparison with the Musketeer models, being a bit fiddly, and also a little inconsistent in terms of stature and sculpting.
Hopefully they'll see some action tonight at the SAGA evening at the White Hart.


  1. Lovely work. I'm just in the process of painting mine. Agree about the scultping, however I think they are quite old compared to the Musketeer figures.



  2. Oh yes, the GB ones are considerably older.
    I think I've been spoiled by Bill's stuff TBH.


  3. My what an impressive weapon you are holding, look at that wonderfully proportioned shaft.

    Well you did ask for thinly veiled knob-gags.

    Nice work by the way.