Thursday, 9 January 2020

Lord of the Rings - men of Gondor

Some from the Third Age

And some from the Last Alliance

The Captain and the spearmen are conversions.
The spearmen were made when the first game came out. The basic scenario in the box required men of Gondor with spears - but you could only get them in metal blisters, one to a blister with two armed with swords. So to get the necessary four I'd have needed to buy eight entirely superfluous metal swordsmen.  And we didn't get any staff discount on the models at first. Snip off sword, insert metal shaft and then, because bonkers, carve a spear blade from the discarded sword. Now I'd just buy metal spears and use them - but back in 2001 such things were unknown to me.

The captain I needed for Battle Companies I think, but either came in a blister with stuff I didn't want/need or just didn't exist (I forget which) so a head and shield swap with a plastic Rohan dude did the job.