Wednesday, 15 January 2020

First Age Middle Earth gaming Day (1)

On Saturday James organised a day of Middle Earth gaming and invited me along.
James was putting on a big game and Graham Green was staging a slightly smaller affair.
Both games were based on an episode from the Silmarillion that Graham had turned into scenarios in a recent issue of Miniature Wargames.
I played in Graham's game in the morning commanding a small mixed force of elves and men against an unnumbered Orc (and troll) horde led by Matt and Andy.
Graham carefully and patiently explained the rules. When he finished I immediately forgot what he'd said because I am old, wasn't really paying attention and have no capacity for retaining rules. Sorry Graham.

The scenario was for the despicable forces of evil to cross the fords and capture the leaders of the men. I had to die stopping them.

The orcs poured on to the table:

Humperdinck bravely led his men to block the way

The reserves stood on a hill in the middle. Hoping not to be needed.

Thick moustache to the fore, Humperdink waved his men on.

Drone footage reveals big guys at the back.

Humperdink's brother, let's call him Himperdunk, blocked the other ford.

Elves, as is their way, stood a long way to the rear. And shot stuff. Or rather shot at stuff. They seemed not actually to hit anything.

Humperdink girds his loins as the orcs descend on him.

At about this point I rolled some truly terrible dice.
And all the men died.

The reserves didn't get to see out the day in peace and quiet and were called upon to fight.

Himperdunk met the same fate as his brother.

The trolls arrived, a bit late to the party.

A fun little game. Graham's combat rules felt a bit "swingy"but difficult to tell if that was a problem with using D10s plus quite a few modifiers, or just my terrible dice.

At the end I was declared the winner despite all the men being dead and the orcs about to fall on the elves. A somewhat Pyrrhic victory.

Andy's version of the game can be found over on his blog


  1. Nice looking game, interesting to see a different take on middle earth 👍