Sunday, 28 April 2019

Playtesting Celtic games with James

James pottered over to the Sherwood Soldier Shack with his lovely collection of Celts and Fomorians.
He's been tinkering with some rules that allow ranked up units to interact with Celtic heroes in suitably heroic fashion, so this was a chance to throw down some soldiers and see how the rules feel.

For me it was mainly an excuse to take lots of pictures of James' very pretty toys.

As for the rules themselves we were pretty happy with how the troops moved and behaved and the mechanics of fighting.
The heroes will clearly be very important - next piece of work is to develop how they interact with the troops and the benefits they bring.
My input was mainly "editorial" around clarifying how models moved and were ordered. I think James needs a "number cruncher" type gamer (not my skill set :)) to just look at the interaction of some of the stats.


  1. Love the models and eager to hear about the rules! I'm currently playtesting my own set and find the input from my friends who are willing to put up with my half completed ideas invaluable. I'm sure James appreciated the chance to bounce his ideas off you. :)

  2. Looks great and interested in seeing more of this although I don't need another new project