Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Daemons v Warriors a WFB 8th edition Chaos Clash

Another visit to the North Notts gaming Hall.
I took daemons, Steve took Chaos Warriors.
We set up to play another One Hour Wargames scenario.

The peace-loving Daemonettes were determined to defend their harmonious hamlet.

And hill.

Booo! Big hairy northerners.

Some fellas on flies

And a wizard on a big blob.

The hounds of chaos ran forward. Until we remembered they couldn't march on turn one. And back they went.

The Fiends got stuck in.

And the 'nettes tried the same.

Sadly what worked for the Fiends didn't go so well for the Daemonettes.

I also forgot to take any more pictures.

It was all over rather quickly. The only high spot for the Daemons was rolling an 11 on the winds of magic and seeing the 400 point wizard on Nurgle blob fail his test and vanish from the board.

Apart from that Chaos Warriors were just as hard as always.

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