Sunday, 10 March 2019

Warhammer 8th Orcs v Empire

Another Thursday at the Sherwood Soldier Shack.
General B was indisposed and so, free from his tyrannical, implacable hatred of the square base Steve and I could enjoy some proper Warhammer. Huzzah!

Steve took his Empire, I took the Greenskins. 2k points with the scenario where you lose by losing flags.

I had  a cavalry wing!

Steve had some of the Weeny-Griffs

Steve's converted heavy knight dudes

Gruzzkupp stands impassive.

In something of an error of deployment my Night Goblins with fanatics were behind a wall. So they were unleashed at an odd angle...

Steve knows I have an irrational hatred of pistoliers. So he always brings plenty of them.

Both the Night Goblins and the boarboys failed animosity tests and charged across the fanatics into the Weeny Griffs. This was Not A Good Thing.

The knights attacked the tower. Astonishingly the Night Goblin archers held it for the rest of the game. Ultimately routing the knights off the board!

One chariot went in and killed a whole rank of swordsmen. And was then chopped up into kindling.

The giant chased some more knights.

And eventually fought and ate them.

The trolls crashed home. I'd forgotten it was a Blazing Bulwark. This did not end well for the trolls.

The last troll fled.

So Gruzzkupp tried the same thing.

With similar results....

The halberds then caught the fleeing greenskins and the game was up.

Not a great performance from me. Hampered by poor deployment and then two failed animosity tests that properly messed things up.

However nice to get the Warhammer toys out again.


  1. Mork and Gork frown on your lack of pump wagons ��. Two great looking armies in a classic match up.

  2. Yeah, I should probably get one (or two) of those

  3. Time for your 'I bum puffins' pic again!