Sunday, 31 March 2019

Quick NWF Terrain Cloth

The one thing I wasn't happy about when playing my solo TMWWBK game last week was the gaming mat. I'm sure some parts of the NWF are indeed a verdant green, but the terrain of my minds eye is rather more rocky, deserty, arid and, well, altogether browner than that.
So I pottered off to Boyes in search of a suitable cloth and purchased 2m of some "Camel" coloured fleece.
It comes 150cm wide, so around 5ft which means it'll fit across my 4ft table and allow me to place hills and the like underneath. The 2m length is more than enough for TMWWBK games which need 6ft.

In order to break up the uniform nature of the cloth I hung it on the washing line, grabbed an assortment of rattle cans and sprayed some random browns, greens and deserty yellows.

Once dry I chucked it over some hill shapes, added some scatter terrain and voila

I'm very pleased with the result - looks much more like the rugged foothills of Ilkestaan than previously.
The cloth cost £13 and the cans I already had, so a bargain in my book.