Saturday, 30 March 2019

Ogres v Slaanesh - a Warhammer 8th edition game

General B. was once again unavailable for Wednesday night soldiering so I made the short trip northwards to the North Nottingham Palais des Jeux to game with Steve. Inevitably our chosen system was Warhammer 8th edition, greatest of all the games. I took Ogres and Steve pulled out his Aston Villa themed Slaanesh Chaos force.
We played the meteorite scenario. where you get a point each turn for each meteorite you control.
Sadly the NNPdJ isn't as well illuminated at the Sherwood Soldier Shack, so the pictures came out a little dark and then post production attempts to improve them have left them a little weird looking.

The Leadbelchers hid behind a privet hedge. Hur, hur!

The Ogres formed a wall of grey flesh.

Nasty Chaos Marauder types.

The Villa-ns of the piece.

Odd that the Dragon Ogres have blue faces - surely a BCFC thing?

Trolls! Fortunately I have something burny for them to deal with.

The Ogres mostly rumbled forward. And crashed into the Trolls, waving their burny flag.

The Giant decided to have a pop at the Dragon Ogres.

Over on the right the 'belchers were in a spot of bother.


The warriors went to help the Dragon Ogres - who actually seemed to be doing OK.

As a result of their intervention the giant fell over. On top of the warriors. Steve and I both rushed for our clear plastic fallen Giant templates. Probably the first time they've ever been used.
Six (appropriately for Slaanesh) warriors were crushed.

The Big Lads decided to deal with the Dragon Ogres.

The Butcher and his boys went after the Marauders. Who proved a bit spiky.

At this point I forgot to take any more pictures. And not just because I began to lose quite heavily.

The Lord of Slaaanesh on his Boobworm killed the BSB's unit and then came back around to help the warriors sort out the Ogre Lord and his bodyguard. The Ogres killed him, but lost the fight. The giant Chaos beasty and the remaining troll drove off the butcher and the late arriving Gorger wasn't able to secure enough VPs to pull bacjk the game for me.

Good fun and over quite quickly (two charge-y armies not much magic or shooting).
Makes me want to paint my Mournfangs....


  1. Great fun I do kind of miss proper fantasy battles 😢

    1. Unless the Age Of Sigmar Enforcement Officers have come calling is there anything stopping you from playing?

  2. Great looking game! Must get my fantasy stuff out again! Although the local Age of Sigmar Unpleasant Enforcement of Round Bases Committee have been leaving lit paper bags of dog poo on my doorstep a lot lately.