Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Warhammer Triumph and Treachery - Steve's Birthday bash

Steve got another year older and so, as is right and proper we gathered together to solemnly mark the occasion by drinking beer while a game of Warhammer broke out.

Relatively small forces (because T&T takes forever, and also the Hucknall Palais des Jeux can only contain a 6x4 and four large beery men.

I took Orcs with Ogre allies. Steve took Chaos. Other Steve took Steve's Skaven and Warseer Hall took Steve's Empire.

Then we began to drink, roll dice and shout huzzah!

 Noble and righteous goblins

 Weedy Empire men

 Dirty Chaos, with added Dark Elf filth

 Dark over the Empire side

 Skaven bask in the sunlight

 The Rat Ogres made short work of the Dragon Ogres

 More lumbering ratty badness

 Even the Boobworm is no match for the Abomination

 My Ogre allies pick a fight they can't win

 The classic Knights v Orcs match up

 Still they fight on

 Dark Elves clash with rats

 Squiggly Beasts!

 The Dark Elf Hero claims the tower...

...abandoning his men to their fate

In the end a failed animosity test saw my goblins charge off in the wrong direction instead of claiming the tower and the win. And so it was that the followers of the Great Horned rat were triumphant.

This was the first time we'd ever managed to get to the end of a full game of T&T!
Small-ish forces helped, together with getting set up and started *before* we began drinking.
Even so we played most of the day (with a decent lunch/pub break).
Afterwards we went for a curry.

Hopefully we can do some more T&T over Christmas!

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