Saturday, 1 December 2018

40k Templars and Orks

Invert behind with blogging. Got a big game of Warhammer to post and a game of CoC and some other stuff too I think. But an out of action PC and a generally busy life mean the images ain't ready.

However today the GH and I managed a quick game of 750 points of 40k. A first outing for Orks under the new Codex.

I only took three pictures so here they are:

He took Helbrecht in the Land Raider, but fortunately that's where they stayed for most of the game, meanwhile my lads took advantage of their Evil Suns trait to run around faster than they used to while shooting without penalty!

Had the game finished on turn 5 I'd have claimed a win, but sadly another turn of play meant the Templars were able to recapture one of the objectives and earn a draw.

Still, a draw is my best ever result against Helbrecht - maybe this new Codex isn't bad?

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