Thursday, 1 June 2017

Warhammer Orcs against Wood Elves

Once again Steve and I convened at the North Notts Palais des Jeux for a game of 8th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battles.
Or Properhammer as it's correctly known.
Steve has been working on a Wood Elf army so wanted to give that a try. I fancied using my Orcs again after the recent Daemon debacle.
So it would be Wood versus Nob and Choppa versus (arrow and spear) Shaft. Feel free to make up your own feeble innuendo laden puns at this point.

Steve deployed his powerful elf mage in the wood (naturally) and advanced with some stag things.
However, like all elves, they gathered up their skirts and ran shrieking backwards at the sight of a spider (or five)

I'd got my usual big mod of two weapon Big 'Uns in the centre and I pushed them forward into the inevitable arrow storm.
Meanwhile some disco dancing shapes were being thrown over by the tower.

Suddenly through the trees came crashing. A tree. With legs.. A sort of man-tree.

The boys were being whittled.

The red chariot (the best one. Red ones are always bestest) had trundled through a different bunch of stag riders and across the river. When suddenly some sneaky cavalry appeared.

Arachnophobia temporarily overcome the stag riders were mincing galloping their way round the flank.

Sadly the black chariot (shuda beena red 'un) found the man-tree a tough nut to crack.

The big birds descended on Kent Uckee's Bloo Moonz.

Having smashed up the chariot the walking tree went looking for a tower to pick on.

The sneaky cavalry finally charged the red (best of all) chariot.

Disco Steve and his "crew" also decided that they were fighters not dancers. They were mistaken.

Kent Uckee and his lads had seen off the warhawks but the cowardly stag riders had them from the rear (which is their preferred way)

The man-tree attacked the tower. And failed to win.

At this point the game ended. Steve thought he'd lost.
So we added up and discovered he'd won.
Then we added up again and decided it was a draw.
Then we started adding up a third time and realised we didn't care - we'd had a great game of Properhammer.

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