Monday, 5 June 2017

Frozen pond

Tom's Toy Soldiers Towers has recently been a hive of DIY activity during which I even laid some simple self adhesive floor tiles.
Looking at the leftover bits I was struck by the notion that I could find a use for them and so....tadah! a simple frozen pond. For unwary Frostgrave explorers to slip over on.

I cut a rough pond shape out of one leftover piece of pale blue tile.
The tile has a slightly shiny surface and isn't a consistent blue, varying to almost white in places, so i's ideal for a frozen water surface.
Then I cut our a second slightly larger piece (that didn't have such a useful pattern on it) and sandwiched the two together, which was dead easy as they're self adhesive so they stuck like a really sticky substance sticks to things (if only there was some sort of common metaphor for situations like that).
Then I PVA'd some sand to the edges (you do need PVA the self adhesive isn't sticky enough to hold it down on its own) and then I painted it.

Hapless thug added for scale

I might make some more now.


  1. Creative and effective! I might need some like that for Palaeo Diet (prehistoric hunting)

  2. Thanks chaps. I was lucky Mrs TTT's taste in floor tiles is the correct shade for a frozen pond :)