Friday, 2 June 2017

A return to Congo!

Back to the Ilko Gaming Hut where General Ballroom once more hosted Steve and I for a game of Congo.

In this scenario Creamy Beatrix from our previous adventure was relaxing in a tent, where she was helping the Sikhs uncoil their turbans whilst the rest of the party went exploring and foraging.
Little did they suspect that the Evil Emir and his Diplomat (who carried on his shoulder a Siamese cat) were sneaking through the undergrowth intent on re-capturing the fair Beatrix.

The European column had left some Askari in the camp

The Sikhs left Beatrix in the tent for some fresh air.

Bwhahahaha, Behold the head of my column!

The Zanzibaris sneaked toward the camp and took aim... the Askari. Who shot back.

Attracting the explorer's attention and hastening their return

The Sikhs, refreshed after all that turban winding took aim and blew away some natives!

The firefight continued across the camp.

The explorers prepared to give fire

Meanwhile on the far side of camp my diplomat found himself assaulted by natives.

The fighting was grim

But the diplomat made it away.

The noise had stirred up the local fauna and a lion fancied snacking on a Sikh.

The explorers and the Emir exchanged fire in the jungle.

The Emir's Zanzibaris began to take fire from the Sikhs (who were now lion free, though in possession of a very nice rug)

However the Zanzibari's had snatched Creamy Beatrix and hustled her away  to "safety"

This was a good fun evening.
It's odd, Steve loves the game mechanics but doesn't like the setting. I like the setting, but am not so keen on the game.
However we're happy enough to play and Geenral B.'s models and table are lovely to play on


  1. Wonderful! This has rather caught my imagination and I in the process of amassing the necessary forces. Just out of curiosity, where did General B get his Sikhs from?

    1. Thank-you, sir.
      I believe the be-Turbaned fellows are from the Foundry NWF range.

    2. Thank you, I shall have to add some to my wish list.

  2. Sounds like a fun game, with great figures. The latest issue of WI has a three game mini campaign for Congo. With a little work, the way different games are linked could be used for some of the scenarios in the main rulebooks (particularly using rules like exhaustion and confusion etc).