Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Frostgrave mixture

Post WW1 exploits I needed a change and so I've dug out some part finished Frostgrave soldiers and ordered a couple more monsters.

 The gang's here! 

The metal dog from the tracker and dog pack, you can see the tracker here.
The three soldiers are all from the plastic Frostgrave set.



Both monsters are Reaper Bones figures and both are really lovely models that were a joy to paint.
The Golem is a simple wash and drybrush job, but that's exactly what the model needs.
I'm now tempted to get some more to do in different colors - I think a jade one would look great.
The werewolf looks a bit orange in the picture, but he isn't so bad in real life.

A few more shots of the individual soldiers now follow.


  1. What a superb looking war band Tom, love the way they knit together.

    1. Thanks Michael. I've struiggled a bit to get them painted, and I wish I'd not picked yellow so aside from that I'm pretty pleased.
      And I do like that dog model.

  2. And very nice they are too. The golem is a very hard looking figure and the colour looks just right.

    1. Thanks. Easiest paint job in the world on the golem. Spray grey, black wash. Drybrush pale grey.