Monday, 8 May 2017

54mm WW1 British

At Partizan in a couple of week's time James and I will be staging not one, but two games.
One a 12mm version of the Hull Pals' assault on Oppy Wood using Square Bashing rules. The second is a 54mm participation game of an infantry assault on a machine gun nest based on the heroic, Victoria Cross winning, actions of Jack Harrison and using some simple home brew card driven rules.

These are a couple of test models for the participation element.
A pair of 54mm WW1 British infantry from Armies in Plastic.

Simple basecoat, wash and then highlight jobs. I'm aiming for a slightly "toy soldier"feel rather then highly realistic.
The first one has a dark wash and the other a more sepia/mid brown wash.

I think the darker wash does the uniform better, but the sepia style wash does the webbing better.
Which is annoying - I don't want to be applying multiple washes.

*Harry Hill voice*

I like the model with the dark wash, but I also like the model with the sepia wash. 
But which is better?
there's only one way to find out....


Actually as I think they both work I might do half the models with one and half with another.


  1. Nicely done both look good ! Will be at partisan so may pop over

    1. Please do - it's a participation game (or at least the 54mm bit is) so you can try and take out the German MG...

  2. Looking good...the game sounds really cool.