Friday, 12 May 2017

Warhammer Daemons v Chaos

General Ballroom is currently indisposed so Wednesday night saw Steve and I convene at the Noth Notts Palais Des Jeux for a game of Properhammer.
At Steve's suggestion I dug out the Chaos Daemons to take on his Nurgle horde. It was only on the drive over that I remembered the last army book had my force with a pretty hard nerf bat...

Steve had acquired a new, rather nice Cigar Box Battles mat and he's set up the terrain to look like a picture from the 3rd edition rulebook.

We settled, in the end, on a pitched battle and I lost the roll to set up first and then we were off.

Daemonettes on steeds ready to go
Daemonettes screened by Fiends
The big Lad and his dancing friend
Chaos Kniggits. Metal ones.
The big Nurgle fella

The battle began with much shoving forward of men and androgynous deamons.
The fiends charged the Knights and went pop.
So I sent the 'nettes in to do their work for them.


Over on the right the flying Tzeentch gribblies were met by some big fat flies with warriors on the back. And came of worst.

The other unit of 'Nettes faced off against the Chaos Warriors.

The big lad joined in to sort the knights out.

On my left the flickering flames of Tzeentch had failed to damage the unit of puppies, but the arrival of the steeds soon sorted them out.

In the centre the knights were destroyed and the Greater Daemon clattered into the new big warrior things (no idea what they're called) whilst the warriors dealt with the Daemonettes.

However a second unit of 'Nettes sorted out what their sister/brothers couldn't  and then ran into the big Nurgle beastie. A fight they seemed unlikely to win, but much to my surprise the big lad broke and ran away (and was run down).

Forlorn flies

And with that we called the game over and called it a draw. 
Lovely to see two nicely painted proper armies playing proper warhammer.
Just what the doctor ordered


  1. Great stuff as ever. Makes me want to get my ranked up units out even more!

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