Monday, 28 November 2016

Warhammer Triumph and Treachery - Dwarfs, Skaven and Goblins

It was Stephen's birthday recently and, as in previous years, we gathered together to solemnly commemorate this event with a quiet day of reflective wargaming and convivial conversation.
Or, rather a day of staggeringly inappropriate drinking* during which a litle bit of Warhammer broke out.
Steve, Andy and I gathered at the Hucknall Palais des Jeux at around 11:30, set up. And then we went to the pub for a bit.
Later we tried to play the game. We used a scenario from the Triumph and Treachery - book slightly tweaked as we didn't have exactly the right models. I played the stout Dwarfs and their Empire allies. Steven took the Goblin hordes led by Skarsnik with some Ogres along for the ride and Andy played as Grey Seer Skwhall with his favoured Skaven and some Dark Elf sell-swords.

My recollections of the game itself are a little hazy for some reason, but much beer was drunk and much fun was had. For the first couple of turns the Greenskins and Ratmen tore lumps out of one another before realising I was likely to win by default. At which point, true to their evil nature they ganged up on me.
Here's some pictures, which are rather more in focus than my memory:

When we eventually stopped after about six hours of increasingly blurry gaming the Skaven had the most tokens, I had the most men, and Steve had the most empty cans on his side of the table.

So Andy was declared the winner, though good old Warhammer 8th Edition was the real victor.

Then we went for a curry and some more beer.

Plans are afoot to meet again at Easter for another Good Friday massacre.

*Please drink responsibly. It's not big or clever you know.

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  1. And a jolly good time was had by all, by the look of things. Beer and WFB; the perfect combination.