Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Frostgrave Chronomancer apprentice and treasure tokens

I've been lured back to Frostgrave a bit.
Finally finished Geremi Quorbinn the Chronomancer's keen but hapless apprentice.

And here he is with Mistress Valerie d'Horlage

I also finished off a couple of the resin treasure tokens I got back in the Nickstarter

Here's Valerie reading aloud from the forbidden tome...


  1. So on day two of Kisvember you switch the Frostgrave *facepalm

  2. I painted these in Orctober. But didn't post them until today as I had posts for Orctober and Kislevember to do first.
    I'm not "live-blogging" you know. It's like Blue Peter, "here's one I made earlier"

  3. Excellent job, love the forbidden tome...