Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Kislevember (1)

For Idol of Gork we need some extra special old models. So up to the loft I went in search of lost treasures.

Ooh, a box, from my time in the Studio no less...

...but the contents are older even than that.

Ten, count 'em, TEN! BNIB OOP highly collectible and desirable models.

Kislev horse archers as I live and breathe!

Yes, young readers, time was it was possible to buy a single Games Workshop model for just a crisp (paper) fiver. And even then we moaned about the price.

Apparently these are worth their weight and more in gold, nay platinum, if you are of a certain Oldhammer persuasion. In fact I could (if rumours are to be believed) sell these off and have enough money to build myself the Warhammer shaped swimming pool of my dreams.

But I'm not going to do that. Instead I shall reduce them to being practically worthless by the simple expedient of tearing off the wrapper and then crudely daubing them with thick layers of long out of production paint. Huzzah!

But what's this also in the box?
Not BNIB, but still in the zip-lock plastic bags I shoved it into down on the picking room floor over a decade ago and similarly long OOP and desired by collectors - why it's an Empire War Wagon, complete with six crew.

This I intend to give to Steve as he'll paint it nicer than me and use it in his Empire army. Also we need it for Idol of Gork and if I've got to paint ten horse archers we're already looking at Easter for the next game without me having to paint this thing too.


  1. Sorry, hard to type through all the drool accumulating on my keyboard.

  2. That really isn't fair my loft is full of spiders and rubbish..........much drooling and jealousy

  3. I will paint it lovely, I am quite excited!

  4. Great stuff. Rip em open and paint em up! I sometimes feel the urge to put some of my blisters on bases and field them, just to mess with people.