Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Nap Horses

In what is fast becoming Horse Week here at TTS Towers I have spent this evening gluing together some gee-gees for some Naps.
Specifically six Warlord Games French Lancer horses

And nine Perry British Dragoon horses

Of the two the Perry are the more dynamic and animated (and chunkier). The Warlord are a little more stiff and static. However the Warlord models went together much easier and more neatly - the Perry ones will need some filling tomorrow when the glue's set.
Both were a big improvement on the Citadel ones from yesterday.

Might need to get some more brown spray paint...


  1. Are you doing any riders for any of these or are we embarking on the Wargaming horse version of one man and his dog?

  2. No, just herds of wild horses sweeping majestically across the battlefield

  3. Looking forward to the horses, especially the kislevite ones.

  4. If you get a can of AP Leather Brown you can also do the 12mm WW1 models! Just sayin.

    1. It's not the paint that's the problem - it's the weather